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Why Helio?

HelioNodes are leaders in USA DDoS protected free Minecraft hosting.

DDoS Protection

We offer DDoS Protection up to 50Gbps on all of our locations,. Nowadays, DDoS protection is needed more than ever to keep your server up.


Clients need to know what's going on behind the scene. Therefore, we offer constant downtime updates to our clientele and informational alerts.


We offer a maximum cap of 4GB of DDR4  RAM per server, this offers great performance and can run the majority of servers smoothly.

No Overallocation

All our servers are limited to their given resources, no extra SWAP overallocation included here. Resources are monitored to keep servers fast.

Need to talk?

You can get in touch with us through the following methods;

Email - [email protected]
Telegram - /s/helionodes

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